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Climb To The Top, A: Communication & Leadership Tactics To Take Your Career To New Heights

Nomor Buku 11368 158.1
Series GAR
Pengarang Garcia, Chuck c
Penerbit Advantage
Kota Terbit South Carolina
Tahun Terbit 2016
Subyek Psikologi
Klasifikasi 158.1
ISBN 978-1642255645
Kolasi x, 142 hlm; 22,8 cm
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The top positions in companies go to the most compelling communicators. Regrettably, this critical skill set is often overlooked. Career success is determined 5 percent by your academic credentials, 15 percent by your professional experiences, 15 percent by your natural ability, and 65 percent by your communication skills. Given that so much is at stake, whatever career you've chosen, it's critical to communicate effectively. A Climb to the Top author Chuck Garcia draws on years of coaching and consulting experience to explain how you can become a persuasive communicator. By utilizing such concepts as the Primacy/Recency Effect and the Rule of Three, a public speaking beginner can gain the confidence and influence of a seasoned veteran. Read this book, practice the techniques, and take your communication skills and career to new heights.

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