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New Rules Of Money, The: A Playbook For Planning Your Financial Future

Nomor Buku 11369 336
Series LAM
Pengarang Lam, Bourree n
Edisi 1
Penerbit Clarkson Potter Publisher
Kota Terbit New York
Tahun Terbit 2023
Subyek Keuangan
Klas 336 - KEUANGAN
Klasifikasi 336
ISBN 978-0593234235
Kolasi 207 hlm; 23 cm
Kelompok Berjalan
Explore the language of feeling as a spiritual practice, reclaim your full self, and expand in ways you haven’t known before.

“Most of us weren’t taught how to feel. In fact, we were taught not to feel,” says Alexandra Roxo. Though we have been taught to deny, repress, and lock away our feelings to get by in our emotionally illiterate culture, our bodies and hearts long to be open and free. With Dare to Feel , Alexandra shares a powerful resource for reclaiming the lost parts of yourself and rediscovering the full richness of your human experience in all its breathless passion, tender vulnerability, and boundless love.

Dare to Feel is a guide on the “transformational path of the heart,” a spiritual practice for connecting more deeply with yourself, others, and the world by accessing the power of your emotions, sensations, and intuition. Through personal stories, poems, rituals, and reflective exercises, Alexandra invites you to

• Why we’ve learned not to feel?the social and internal reasons we retreat from emotions
• Courage and curiosity?guidance for navigating intense feelings in a safe and loving way
• The body’s wisdom?how to awaken your heart’s capabilities through somatic exercises
• The openhearted way?daily practices and steps for becoming more open, joyous, and present to your miraculous life

It takes courage to shed our armor?to stop checking out, overthinking, grabbing for phones, or running for the door. Yet the effort is worth it. “It is when you dare to feel, even when it hurts, that you open the heart and soul,” says Alexandra. “You become the sculptor of your reality and free yourself to experience all your life can be.”

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