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Think Ahead: Sevent Decisions You Can Make Today For The God-Honoring Life You Want Tomorro

Nomor Buku 11373 158.1
Series GRO
Pengarang Groeschel, Craig t
Penerbit Zondervan Books
Kota Terbit Michigan
Tahun Terbit 2024
Subyek Psikologi
Klasifikasi 158.1
ISBN 978-0310368533
Kolasi 268 hlm; 23 cm
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If only we could make decisions ahead of time rather than when we're under stress, overwhelmed, or swayed by fear or emotion. In Think Ahead, we learn how to do just that and live the life that God wants for us.

Pastor Craig Groeschel knows from personal experience and as a counselor to others what being trapped in a cycle of poor decision-making is like. In Think Ahead, he shares what he has discovered about the power of “pre-deciding.”

With thought-provoking exercises and questions for reflection, this interactive book teaches us how to position ourselves to make the choices we really want to make as followers of Jesus and avoid those we do not. Think Ahead will help you:

See how your small choices shape the kind of person you become
Understand the science behind your decision-making habits
Overcome decision fatigue and debilitating fears
Diminish the role of emotions in decision-making
Define and put into action the seven life-defining pre-decisions you can make today

Becoming the person God wants you to be starts before you even make a decision. In Think Ahead, you’ll discover the power of pre-deciding today to help you live the life you want to have tomorrow.


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