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Secret Life of Money, The: Kisah Abadi Tentang Utang, Kekayaan, Kebahagiaan, Keserakahan, dan Amal

Nomor Buku 11386 658
Series TAD
Pengarang Tad, Crawford s
Penerbit Gemilang
Kota Terbit Tangerang Selatan
Tahun Terbit 2023
Subyek Bisnis
Klasifikasi 658
ISBN 978-623-8036-06-6
Kolasi xvii, 275 hlm; 23 cm
Kelompok Berjalan

The Secret Life of Money leads readers on a fascinating journey to uncover the sources of our monetary desires. By understanding why money has the power to obsess us, we gain the power to end destructive patterns and discover riches of the soul. Midas who can turn all to gold, fishermen who will not share their catch, Dorothy and her companions on the golden road to the Emerald City, Scrooge who cannot give, the hunter who shares not only food but also debt, money that falls from the skies, buried treasures that can be spiritual wealth or be stolen, how debt can be like inheritance, the symbolism of the bulls and bears of Wall Street, the all-seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill—all these and many other stories and myths from around the world are given delightful retellings and searching analyses in The Secret Life of Money.

Chapters include The Many Forms of Money: 
Understanding Its Symbolic Value; The Almighty Dollar: Why Money Is So Easily Worshipped; Money and Sacrifice: When Money Feels More Important Than Life; Hoarding Money: Why the Life Energy of Misers Is Stolen; The Source of Riches: Gaining a New Understanding of Supply; Inheritance: The Actual andSymbolic Wealth of Our Parents; Indebtedness: How the Debtor’s Tower Connects Earth to Heaven; Changing Symbols: Money, Credit Cards, and Banks; Bulls and Bears: How the Stock Market Reflects the Renewing Cycles of Life.


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