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Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (Vol 26, Number 2, 2023)

Nomor Buku 11413 330
Series RAH
Pengarang Rahmawati, Dian, Sasongko, Aryo, Fiskara Indawam b
Penerbit Bank Indonesia
Kota Terbit Jakarta
Tahun Terbit 2023
Subyek Ekonomi
Klas 330 - Ekonomi
Klasifikasi 330
ISBN 1410 - 8046
Kolasi 396 Hal; 25 cm
Kelompok Berjalan

We study price-setting behavior in the Indonesian online market before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. We surveyed 297 online and offline markets dominated by Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). The results show that the online market's price-setting behaviors apply state-dependent pricing rules and price discrimination, evaluate prices more than once a year based on current information, and immediately respond to a shock. The main factor for price changes is input cost change. Meanwhile, price rigidities are influenced by implicit contracts. The profit model shows online markets face the high-competitive market, not applying a rule of thumb pricing, and frequently changing prices regarding shock.


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