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Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (Vol 26, 16th BMEB Call for Papers Special Issue 2023)

Nomor Buku 11414 330
Series JUH
Pengarang Juhro, Solikin M, Narayan, Kumar, Paresh b
Penerbit Bank Indonesia
Kota Terbit Jakarta
Tahun Terbit 2023
Subyek Ekonomi
Klas 330 - Ekonomi
Klasifikasi 330
ISBN 1410 -8046
Kolasi vi, 148 Hal; 25 cm
Kelompok Berjalan

The 16th BMEB international conference was held on 25-26 August 2022. The theme of this conference was "Synergy of economic policies and innovation in driving momentum for sustainable global economic recovery in the era of digital transformation".

This theme puts forward two salient factors underlying a country's economic resilience in facing a series of global turmoil and unsynchronized economic recovery from a crisis, namely synergy and innovation. Synergy and innovation must be carried out in an integrated manner in terms of national economic policy mix, coordination of fiscal-monetary policies, acceleration of transformation in the real and financial sectors, as well as acceleration of the digital economy and finance. With this synergy and innovation, a country's economic prospects can be reinforced to achieve a more sustainable economic growth.


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